Welcome to my website. I am a computer science student currently situated in Birmingham, UK. I have a number of years working with multiple languages and systems. Read on to find all that I have been working on.


Beep Boop

Programming is something I really enjoy and a skill which I am always seeking to develop. In this section you will find a vast array of projects in a number of languages, although mainly python. Over the past few years I have been developing my programming skills on a number of ventures. Ranging from simple AI noughts and crosses to JC2MP server plugins all the way to computer vision techniques for object and marking detection.

To accompany this I have also experience with Android development and integration of real time databases within both Android and web applications.

A keen interest of mine is that of computer vision. In order to explore the world computer vision, I created a number of different programs looking at the different aspects of the topic, including road marking detection software and also a vision based Rubik's cube input method for solvers. All of this can be explored by clicking here.


Thats right, one super giant pizza

I have a keen interest in graphic design, ranging from 3D-design in programs such as blender all the way to website design. I have been part of a number of projects in partnership with both the University of Cambridge and the University of Birmingham. Additionaly my work has also been part of a publication in Science Advances and the Guardian online.


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